Friday, February 12, 2010

Water efficiency and your home!!!

We need to invest in efficiency because that is where the long-term results can be found. Efficiency means using water more wisely -- by fixing leaks, replacing old appliances and fixtures, and taking other common sense steps in our homes and our communities. For example, if one homeowner fixes a leaky toilet in her house, she can save between 30 to 500 gallons of water a day. And if Metro Atlanta scaled it up and fixed the leaks in all of its water pipes, the region could save between 30 and 60 million gallons a day.

Now, let's be clear: water efficiency does not mean telling people to shower just once a week, or to plant a cactus in their front yards.

Water efficiency does not mean turning the water off. It’s not about water use restrictions – because that just brings temporary results.

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Terry Laurin
“Helping you become Energy Efficient”

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