Saturday, December 12, 2009

Don't overlook the insulation in your home

It is all to common for people to overlook the insulation that is going into their home or that is currently in their home.  In new home construction this is obviously the best time to oversee the quality of work and products that are being installed.  There is so many decisions involved in building like wall colors, flooring, appliances, fixtures etc...that often the most important decisions are forgotten and overlooked.  Insulation is one of them.  Many but not all builders now days are trying their best to lower costs to ensure they can still turn a profit.  This means that they are shopping around for the cheapest quote out there.  This reminds me of a couple sayings, "The bitter taste of a cheap product or install will always last longer than the sweet taste of a cheap price" or "All cars have 4 wheels, but they are certainly not all the same".

The cost difference in a higher quality insulation product is very marginal.  It also doesn't cost much more to put in extra insulation and the easiest, most efficient spot to do so is in the attic.  An important thing to remember is that code is the minimum that we have to achieve...since when did the minimum sound like a good idea in terms of energy efficiency in your home.  A home for most people is the biggest investment you will ever make, so take the time to ask your builder/contractor what they are installing.

TLC Energy Solutions takes pride in the products and services we provide our customers.  We offer the most eco-friendly materials available in the market today, that also out perform and offer superior safety for your home.  Insulation advice is always free as our goal is to lower your carbon footprint that you will leave behind on this planet.  As a result, TLC Energy Solutions is changing the way people think about insulation.

Terry Laurin
TLC Energy Solutions