Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kelowna Insulation - A guaranteed return on investment in an unstable market!!!

Insulation a guaranteed return on investment in an unstable market!!!!

Yes it is true smart investments exist that guarantee to save and make you money! The quick shift in the economy has effected us all in some way or another and many people are wondering where to invest all of those hard earned dollars?

Many people are finding it harder and harder to find work and make ends meat. The common question is: What should i do with my money and how can I hang on to it for years to come? The answer is a comforting one! Especially with the recent cold snap here in the Okanagan and our consistently long hot summers in mind.

Make sure your home has lots of Insulation!

Insulation is one of the most inexpensive and rewarding ways to upgrade your home. With the grants made available Provincially and Federally the price of doing energy efficient upgrades to homes has been subsidized dramatically. Upgrading your insulation can drop your gas or electric bill by half keeping you warmer for le$$ and extending the life of your heat source. More good things come from this...when your furnace runs or AC runs in the summer they produce Co2 into our environment, this is contributing to global warming. Another good reason to be more energy efficient.

If you are wondering if there is room for improvement on the insulation in your home? Call the experts at TLC Energy Solutions. We offer Free home evaluations and can help you every step of the way to getting Grant money into your pocket!

From now until January 31st, 2009 TLC Energy Solutions will be paying the TAX!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Five Ways to save energy in Kelowna BC.

I just ran across a great article on the Top Five Ways to Save Energy. I would like to share it with you. Terry Laurin - TLC Energy Solutions

1. Add a layer to your attic insulation
Many Canadian homes are under-insulated, which means heat can escape through the ceiling, past the roof and into the atmosphere. Up to 15 per cent of your home's energy is lost through the attic. Adding insulation to the attic is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to help cut heating and cooling costs. To minimize heat loss, attic insulation should be at least 12 inches thick.

2. Add insulation to other areas of the home
It is a simple equation: add insulation to help reduce energy usage and increase comfort. Supplementing the insulation in your crawl space, under floors and against basement walls is a great way to help restrict the transfer of heat or cold through your house.

3. Install a programmable thermostat
Why heat the house when nobody's home? A programmable thermostat can automatically lower and raise your home's air temperature when you're at work or comfortably nestled under a comforter, resulting in significant savings.

4. Harness the power of the sun
During the summer, help keep your house cool by closing the blinds during the day to block the heat of the sun. Alternatively, during the winter, raise your blinds during the day to make the most of the sun's natural heat.

5. Install energy-efficient doors and windows
Modern energy-efficient doors and windows are designed and insulated to reduce the transfer of heat into and out of the home, which can help reduce energy costs.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Home energy solutions with Radiant Barrier-- How does it work?

At TLC Energy Solutions we utilize Radiant Barrier Solutions to achieve significant energy savings for our clients in Kelowna and the Okanagan.

Radiant Barrier Insulation is made with two sheets of 99.5% industrial grade aluminum adhered together to create a two-sided reflector. When installed with your conventional insulation, radiant heat waves absorbed by your roof decking in the summer are reflected by the Radiant Barrier before they have the opportunity of being absorbed by your ceiling insulation, thus keeping your home cooler.

In the winter, the radiated heat waves from within your home are absorbed by your ceiling and conducted up through your insulation into your attic. In this case, the down-facing side of the Radiant Barrier reflects the radiant heat waves emitted from your insulation back down toward your living area instead of allowing them to simply escape into your attic. This process eliminates heat loss through your ceiling, thus saving you money. Radiant Barrier Insulation is also perforated with tiny holes that allow moisture and air to pass through so your existing insulation can breathe.

Radiant Barrier Bubble Insulation when installed with conventional insulation acts as a Vapour Barrier as well as a Radiant Barrier not to mention adding up to 15.4 R-Value. This new product is setting the industry standard in new home construction because of its cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. In addition to the quick payback to homeowners and businesses, this product helps reduce heating and cooling costs, extends the life of heating and cooling systems, and increases the comfort level of your home or business.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

TLC Energy Solutions - Radiant Barrier Solutions - Applications for Radiant Barriers

With the benefit of blocking 97% of the radiant heat that attempts to enter building structure, Radiant Barrier Insulation products are useful in a wide variety of locations within residential, commercial, and agricultural building structures.

Attic Installations
Most of the heat entering a home comes through the roof. Radiant Barrier Insulation installed in an attic can reduce attic temperatures by BLOCKING 97% of the radiant heat that attempts to enter your living spaces thereby reducing heat transfer from the attic to living spaces resulting in lower utility bills.
The primary method of installation is to lay Radiant Barrier over the attic floor. This is creating a shield to 97% of the radiant heat trying to enter your home in the summer through the attic and escape through the ceiling in the winter.

Reflective House Wraps
Most people are familiar with extreme heat found in attic, but there is secondary method of heat transfer into a building structure; through the walls. Radiant Barriers installed as house wraps during new construction projects or retrofitted into wall systems can block a majority of the heat that transfers through the walls into living spaces. This revolutionary new product offers the construction industry with a strong weather-resistant barrier, the added benefit of a Radiant Barrier.

Radiant Concrete Flooring Installations
Radiant floor Radiant Barriers help to retain the heat generated by the radiant heating system blocking it from escaping into the ground. Radiant Barrier Bubble Insulation is extremely tough and pliable, and is an excellent vapour barrier for all your radiant floor heating applications. This Product has a Radiant Barrier sealed on both sides by industrial-strength polyethylene bubbles. This patented design protects the aluminum from lime in curing concrete, which deteriorates foil on-contact. Installing Ultra CBF results in noticeably warmer floors, faster slab response times, and reduced BTU consumption of radiant heating systems. Sealing seams with Radiant Barrier White Poly Tape forms a consistent insulator and vapour barrier.

Crawl Space Installations
Radiant Barrier Bubble Insulation installed in crawl spaces below a building structure reflect the heat flows that are flowing downward from the flooring back up into the flooring at a 97% rate providing increased comfort and heat retention. The temperature of the cold floors which cause cold feet will be raised while you're heating bill is reduced, providing for increased comfort. As heat is reflected back into the living area, it warms other objects which then radiate heat back into the room, further increasing your living comfort.

Metal Building Installations
Radiant Barrier Bubble Insulation installed in metal buildings not only block 97% of the radiant heat from entering the building in the summer or escaping the building in the winter, they also provide the necessary thermal break to eliminate condensation problems in metal buildings.

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