Monday, November 30, 2009

Where did the service go?

In today's economy with homes all over the country in foreclosure and business's shutting down left and right.  Why is the service so often less then satisfactory?  One might think that in struggling times for many people that the service would be better than its been in years.....I'm not seeing it.  What I have noticed is its hard to get service with a smile these days, let alone have someone ask you if your happy with your product or experience.  Its grab your money and run!

In today's world we have so many lines of communication its silly.  There's fax, email, text messaging, home phone's, office phones, portable phones, cell phones, internet chat, answering machines, mail and last but not least face to face communication.  So what can possibly be our excuse for not providing service 10 times better than say 30 years ago?  Having listed all these ways to get in touch with someone, it seems hard to believe any excuse I hear for people not getting back to you or fulfilling their obligations.  Is technology to blame here?  I see people all the time screening calls with call display or saying its Friday and I will get back to them on Monday.  Back in the day people were lucky to have a phone at all and a car to get them to work, but they still managed to give good service.  Now certainly not everyone was inclined to give good service back in the day and there is a good chance they are out of business now if they didn't.  So I say go to work tomorrow and every day after that with the intentions of blowing your clients away with good service.  We all know that when we have a good experience we tell a few people, but when we have a bad experience we tell everyone who will listen.  This is the time to grab your share of the pie and run your ass off with it!  Use these communication tools as a way to leverage your business, not as excuses to procrastinate.

I may sound harsh by suggesting that most service needs to improve because certainly there is business's out there doing a great job!  Keep it up for those of you that haven't forgotten true service, because I know your customers won't forget it.

I can only hope my competition doesn't read this...and neither does yours!

Have a great day!

Terry Laurin
TLC Energy Solutions

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