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TLC Energy Solutions - Radiant Barrier Solutions - Applications for Radiant Barriers

With the benefit of blocking 97% of the radiant heat that attempts to enter building structure, Radiant Barrier Insulation products are useful in a wide variety of locations within residential, commercial, and agricultural building structures.

Attic Installations
Most of the heat entering a home comes through the roof. Radiant Barrier Insulation installed in an attic can reduce attic temperatures by BLOCKING 97% of the radiant heat that attempts to enter your living spaces thereby reducing heat transfer from the attic to living spaces resulting in lower utility bills.
The primary method of installation is to lay Radiant Barrier over the attic floor. This is creating a shield to 97% of the radiant heat trying to enter your home in the summer through the attic and escape through the ceiling in the winter.

Reflective House Wraps
Most people are familiar with extreme heat found in attic, but there is secondary method of heat transfer into a building structure; through the walls. Radiant Barriers installed as house wraps during new construction projects or retrofitted into wall systems can block a majority of the heat that transfers through the walls into living spaces. This revolutionary new product offers the construction industry with a strong weather-resistant barrier, the added benefit of a Radiant Barrier.

Radiant Concrete Flooring Installations
Radiant floor Radiant Barriers help to retain the heat generated by the radiant heating system blocking it from escaping into the ground. Radiant Barrier Bubble Insulation is extremely tough and pliable, and is an excellent vapour barrier for all your radiant floor heating applications. This Product has a Radiant Barrier sealed on both sides by industrial-strength polyethylene bubbles. This patented design protects the aluminum from lime in curing concrete, which deteriorates foil on-contact. Installing Ultra CBF results in noticeably warmer floors, faster slab response times, and reduced BTU consumption of radiant heating systems. Sealing seams with Radiant Barrier White Poly Tape forms a consistent insulator and vapour barrier.

Crawl Space Installations
Radiant Barrier Bubble Insulation installed in crawl spaces below a building structure reflect the heat flows that are flowing downward from the flooring back up into the flooring at a 97% rate providing increased comfort and heat retention. The temperature of the cold floors which cause cold feet will be raised while you're heating bill is reduced, providing for increased comfort. As heat is reflected back into the living area, it warms other objects which then radiate heat back into the room, further increasing your living comfort.

Metal Building Installations
Radiant Barrier Bubble Insulation installed in metal buildings not only block 97% of the radiant heat from entering the building in the summer or escaping the building in the winter, they also provide the necessary thermal break to eliminate condensation problems in metal buildings.

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