Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Okanagans Multi Million Dollar Overhall

I had the privilege today of taking the first steps in my second government funded Eco energy upgrade project.
Last year was my first year working with the government upgrading insulation in over 400 local residential homes.  The project was so successful that more money has been allocated to improving even more homes right here in the Okanagan.  Its good to know that there is help for some select homes that score poorly with Eco energy testing devices.  I would also like to congratulate UK Trades a local industry leader in the renovation business for being asked to take a major role in the project.  Do you or does someone you know have a home that is costing them an arm and a leg to heat and cool?  I would like to hear your story...

Terry Laurin
“Helping you become Energy Efficient”

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kelowna Insulation Grants

Looking to keep cool this summer?  Making Energy efficient upgrades to your home has never been more attractive with todays Government Grants.  The process is quick, easy and very worth while for those looking to keep cool this summer, add value to your home and save on utility costs.  Below are just some of the grants available for insulation:

Attic or roof — insulation up to $590

Exterior wall — insulation up to $400

Basement — insulation up to $500

Crawl space — insulation up to $520

Air sealing — for your home up to $280

If you are interested on how you can get some money from the government to help subsidize your renovation costs call Terry at 250-215-8020.

For all your insulation needs call toll TLC Energy Solutions toll free at 1-877-558-1808.

Terry Laurin
“Helping you become Energy Efficient”