We are so thrilled that after all of these years, we can finally enjoy the comfort of a warm home in the winter and reduce our energy costs at the same time! We are also looking forward to keeping the coolness inside during the hot Kelowna summer. TLC Energy Solutions installed the radiant barrier insulation in December. Before this, our furnace seemed to just run and run and our home never felt warm - obviously it was escaping through the attic and directly outside.

For us, it was not just about cost; we also really care about the environment and feel good to be making smart choices for our earth.

One other thing that is worth mentioning…"the installers were considerate, friendly, and neat and took great care while in our home.

Pat and Bob, Kelowna, B.C

I used the product in between my studs and plan on using it as a house wrap in the next stage of construction. It’s a good product that is strait forward, easy to work with and the price was good.


CW Persona Development has been in business in the Okanagan for over five years and, has had the privilege of working with TLC Energy Solutions for the past two years. Their service is professional, reliable, flexible and cost competitive. I would recommend them without hesitation for all insulation needs.


Over the last two years Terry and his company TLC have demonstrated an excellent work ethic. Our trust in his quality workmanship and professional ethics has led us to invite TLC to participate in the expansion of our business in 2010.


TLC Energy Solutions has done several Insulation jobs for U K Trades over the last two years. We have found them to be punctual and efficient with their work. We would not hesitate to recommend or use them again.


TLC Energy Solutions is a trustworthy operation. I met Terry about a year ago and have worked with him on several jobs during that time. Terry and his staff have ALWAYS stepped up to the plate.

They arrive on time - do good work and finish when they say they will. They clean up after and if any issues come up during installation they assist in getting it done and don't just pass the problem off to another contractor - they step up to the plate.

Hire Terry and his crew for your insulation job so you don't have to worry about if you hired the right guys.


Thank you again for your help this summer - our natural gas bill has gone down from $154/month to $17/month - after you finished your work, we put in a new furnace and heat pump and new windows to replace those really leaky ones in the west wing.......and yes, we replaced the roof - it was worse than we thought! - Thank you for the heads up.

Mary and Ben

I used TLC Energy Solutions / Radiant Barrier in our garage to see what kind of results I would get in my shop over the winter. I used Radiant Barrier on the walls and on the garage door. When I put my heater next to the reflective insulation on the garage door you can actually feel the heat being reflected back into the garage. We wish we knew about this product earlier. The Attic will be our next project.

Doug and Mary

We recently built a new home and wanted to make sure it was as energy efficient as possible. We had heard positive remarks about TLC ENERGY SOLUTIONS!! Terry & Chelsea came to do a presentation. After closer inspection of our home, Terry informed us that our home wasn't a good candidate. Rather than see this as an opportunity, they had the utmost integrity and honesty in explaining why some homes are better suited for the procedure more than others. If you want honesty, skill and an excellent product, call TLC ENERGY SOLUTIONS!

Glen & Peggy, Westbank, B.C.

Dear Terry:
We wish to express our total satisfaction with your installation of our attic shield, blown insulation, rim joist insulation and crawl space exterior wall insulation.

Though it is summer, we can already feel the difference. The home cools much more rapidly at night with only the windows open. The thermal mass of the roof is not radiating into the house while we sleep.

We were particularly impressed with your honesty and ethics. We wish that every home contractor shared these qualities. You impressed us further with your prompt attention to this task and the impeccable quality of the installation. You and your crew offered consideration at every step of the project. We hold you in the highest regard would recommend your company without hesitation.

Sincerely, Ben