Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kelowna's Best Insulation Just Got Better

Over the years Cellulose Insulation has been criticized for being to dusty.  My rebuttal to my competitions attempt to scare off my clientele would always be "Yes it is a little dusty, but I am yet to meet someone who cared how dusty there attic was."  Well there the best insulation in Kelowna just got even better!  It is with great pleasure that I can introduce to you, Cellulose with dust control.  With all the great benefits of using Cellulose in the Okanagan / Kelowna area still in place it is almost impossible to imagine anyone wanting to use fiberglass.  The long list of benefits by using Cellulose just got longer:
  • 15% faster return on investment (this is possible because cellulose has less air leakage and has a higher R-value per inch.  In most homes your roof line will dictate the amount of insulation that can be added, especially around the perimeter of the attic where the roof meets with the top of the wall).
  • 63% safer in the event of a fire.  All though cellulose is made of recycled news paper it is treated with borax which is proven to be an amazing fire retardant.  There is actually a test to prove this by typing in " The Big Burn Test" in Google or copy and paste this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhKaXSusPpU.  You should find a video produced by a fire department who conducted a study in regards to the flammability characteristics of cellulose and fiberglass.
  • 85%-100% recycled content makes cellulose the sustainable choice.
  • It is no longer dusty.  Here is a link you can copy and paste in your browser to see a video demonstration.  http://youtu.be/2HOn-DhmudI
  • Rodents, pests and insects are deterred by cellulose
  • Better sound control because of its density, keeping your home much quieter
  • No itch.  If you ever have to go back up in to your attic for electrical issues, plumbing issues etc, you wont come out of your attic scratching your self like you have just been bitten by a thousand mosquitoes. 
If you have any questions regarding the benefits of cellulose or are looking for an upgrade on your insulation.  Contact the cellulose professionals.

Terry Laurin www.tlces.com 250-215-8020 “Helping you become Energy Efficient”

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