Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kelowna's Best Insulation Just Got Better

Over the years Cellulose Insulation has been criticized for being to dusty.  My rebuttal to my competitions attempt to scare off my clientele would always be "Yes it is a little dusty, but I am yet to meet someone who cared how dusty there attic was."  Well there the best insulation in Kelowna just got even better!  It is with great pleasure that I can introduce to you, Cellulose with dust control.  With all the great benefits of using Cellulose in the Okanagan / Kelowna area still in place it is almost impossible to imagine anyone wanting to use fiberglass.  The long list of benefits by using Cellulose just got longer:
  • 15% faster return on investment (this is possible because cellulose has less air leakage and has a higher R-value per inch.  In most homes your roof line will dictate the amount of insulation that can be added, especially around the perimeter of the attic where the roof meets with the top of the wall).
  • 63% safer in the event of a fire.  All though cellulose is made of recycled news paper it is treated with borax which is proven to be an amazing fire retardant.  There is actually a test to prove this by typing in " The Big Burn Test" in Google or copy and paste this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhKaXSusPpU.  You should find a video produced by a fire department who conducted a study in regards to the flammability characteristics of cellulose and fiberglass.
  • 85%-100% recycled content makes cellulose the sustainable choice.
  • It is no longer dusty.  Here is a link you can copy and paste in your browser to see a video demonstration.  http://youtu.be/2HOn-DhmudI
  • Rodents, pests and insects are deterred by cellulose
  • Better sound control because of its density, keeping your home much quieter
  • No itch.  If you ever have to go back up in to your attic for electrical issues, plumbing issues etc, you wont come out of your attic scratching your self like you have just been bitten by a thousand mosquitoes. 
If you have any questions regarding the benefits of cellulose or are looking for an upgrade on your insulation.  Contact the cellulose professionals.

Terry Laurin www.tlces.com 250-215-8020 “Helping you become Energy Efficient”

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big Time Grant Money For Kelowna Insulation Upgrades


A new ENERGY EFFICIENCY PROGRAM has been released here in British Columbia.  Home owners are eligible for some big time grants that will drastically cut the cost of upgrading the insulation in your home. 

 For Example:  Attic Insulation $750 available Grant!
                      Wall Insulation $1500 available Grant!
                      Crawlspace Insulation $1000 available Grant!
                      ......and much more!

Let us help you with getting the Grant money your entitled to.  Many other Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton residents are already benefiting from our services and Grant guidance.  Our Workmanship is driven by our dedication to giving you the best insulation installation possible and our service is simply unmatchable!



Terry Laurin 
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kelowna Its Insulation season again!

Well it seems as though summer has past and sweat pant season is back. With the forecasts calling for a cold winter in the Okanagan, now is a great time to seal up those drafty areas in your home and make sure your insulation is adequate. I met a fellow entrepreneur a few weeks ago with a great idea to help people find those leaky areas in your home. With some high tech gear developed to draw a negative vacuum on your home Lloyd can tell you where all your leaky areas are on your home and recommend a course of action so you can fix them. He has a special on right now for $99 to have this test done. Lloyd can be reached at 250-768-8512 or www.lloydsweatherization.com.

If you are wondering how you can check your insulation there is a couple areas you can easily check on your own. The first one is the attic. Grab a ladder, pop open your attic hatch and bring a flashlight and a measuring tape. You want to put the measuring tape on the dry wall and then try to figure out the average depth of your insulation. It should read at least 14-16 inches deep, anything less than that and you are going to spend more than needed to heat and cool your home. If you have a crawl space you want to look at two things. The walls to see if they have insulation on them and the joist ends (the cavity between each joist that sits on top of the foundation wall). Both of these areas are often left uninsulated and can lead to 30% of your heat loss.

Or you can call a professional for a free insulation estimate at: 250-215-8020

Terry Laurin www.tlces.com 250-215-8020 “Helping you become Energy Efficient”

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Is your house too hot?

I have had many calls over the last couple weeks with the heat affecting just about everyone.  I'm not sure when this heat wave will end but I can promise you that the heat will always be back in the Okanagan.  So many people are asking for solutions to keep cool and keep their cooling costs down. 

Here is a few helpful hints on what you can do to combat the heat:
  • Make sure your ceiling insulation is at least up to code R-44 or have at least 12-16 inches of insulation.  Some home owners that are really suffering in the summer may want also consider a radiant barrier for their attic.  They are really helpful especially in the hot summers as they can improve your insulation performance by 20% and also reflect 97% of all radiant heat gain which can result in a 40% reduction in cooling costs
  • Invest in dark or multi layered blinds for your windows.
  • All though it is expensive to replace windows they can usually pay them selves off in 5-7 years if your windows are poor.  With Low E, multi layered glass and Argon technology the R-value in a new window can easily be R-4 or even R-7 where old windows can give you an R-value of only 1 at best.
  • Make sure your attic is properly ventilated.  For every 1200 sqft of attic space you should have at least 4 attic vents and baffles coming through to your soffits for cross ventilation.  Ventilation is key to keeping cool as insulation is designed to hold heat and if it is not ventilated it will keep your house warm all through the evening.  Also mold can be a concern when areas are not properly ventilated, this is bad for the home and your health.  Seasonal attic fans are also a good idea.
  • If you ever replace your roof consider lighter colors as black and other dark colours are very warm.
  • Old air conditioners can be very poor performers and cause you allot of money.  Its worth checking the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) on your unit as to my knowledge AC units go as high as 12 or 13 SEER but heat pumps can go over 19 SEER which results in big savings for cooling and heating.
  • Is your house south facing and exposed to the sun?  Planting or transplanting a large tree can add landscaping value and shade for your home.
For all your insulation needs contact TLC Energy Solutions

Terry Laurin
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Okanagans Multi Million Dollar Overhall

I had the privilege today of taking the first steps in my second government funded Eco energy upgrade project.
Last year was my first year working with the government upgrading insulation in over 400 local residential homes.  The project was so successful that more money has been allocated to improving even more homes right here in the Okanagan.  Its good to know that there is help for some select homes that score poorly with Eco energy testing devices.  I would also like to congratulate UK Trades a local industry leader in the renovation business for being asked to take a major role in the project.  Do you or does someone you know have a home that is costing them an arm and a leg to heat and cool?  I would like to hear your story...

Terry Laurin
“Helping you become Energy Efficient”

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kelowna Insulation Grants

Looking to keep cool this summer?  Making Energy efficient upgrades to your home has never been more attractive with todays Government Grants.  The process is quick, easy and very worth while for those looking to keep cool this summer, add value to your home and save on utility costs.  Below are just some of the grants available for insulation:

Attic or roof — insulation up to $590

Exterior wall — insulation up to $400

Basement — insulation up to $500

Crawl space — insulation up to $520

Air sealing — for your home up to $280

If you are interested on how you can get some money from the government to help subsidize your renovation costs call Terry at 250-215-8020.

For all your insulation needs call toll TLC Energy Solutions toll free at 1-877-558-1808.

Terry Laurin
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Friday, April 30, 2010

Kelowna Insulation Choices Get Better

Insulation material choices increase with more Eco friendly materials to choose from. 

One of the latest and greatest materials comes from recycled blue jeans.  Yes those dirty old jeans can be recycled and put to good use.  However the unfortunate problem in today's market is that the vast majority of the public aren't willing to anti up the extra 10% or so to have such products installed.  I don't blame the public as I have always thought that recycled products should cost the same or less than competing products.  That being said, if the government would stand behind and support more products like recycled jeans then perhaps the costs would be more equal.  The truth is that most Eco friendly materials actually perform better as well.  If the education on such products was endorsed than perhaps more people would see the big picture in regards to their ROI.  Recycled news papers also known as blown cellulose is another great example.   Cellulose out performs fiberglass in terms of performance, safety, air quality, R-values per inch and its 100% recycled.  Again your only talking a small increase in price to use a superior product yet most of us have the horse blinders on and only think about the upfront costs.  What makes it more difficult to promote these products is the advise that 90% of the insulation contractors are giving.  If you were to contact 5 companies for insulation quotes you may have one that will offer you a recycled product other than fiberglass.  Being a customer listening to 4-5 companies that slag products like cellulose, you are likely to think that if most companies offer fiberglass and are telling you its better......well than it must be better...not so true.  Business owners will stick with the demand and that's the cheaper products because we as consumers are so price focused.

Keep this article in mind the next time you make a purchase no matter what it is.  The cheapest quote or material will often result in you getting the worst product, with the worst return on investment.  Like Mike Holmes says "Pick the quote in the middle, ask questions and qualify your contractor by getting referrals."

Have a great weekend!

Terry Laurin
“Helping you become Energy Efficient”